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TOJIRO Knives by Fujitora Industry Co.,ltd

The esential point of Japanese blade is sharpness. We have many products and they are manufactured from the theme to combine material own character and new technology.
They have same traditional spirits of Japanese foods to pursuit delicate beauty and our Tojiro-Pro series knives are also born by same passion.

Tojiro's product range is one of the widest in the industry. 
We have been pursuing sharpness with no compromise on all of our products. It is just because we believe the keenness is definitely effects on its usability and tastes of food ,even if it is used for house use or professional purposes, and we really would like to provide the same quality of keenness to everyone.
We are very good at processing clad materials and know it very well. The know-how is used for our all of our knives and most suitable materials are selected depend on the each purpose and style(Japanese, Western), which is well-balanced with sharpness and durability.
If you select "Tojiro", that would be our great pleasure.

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