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I’ve been doing a lot of work lately with the knife end of the kitchenware business. It is interesting to say the least, what did I know? Could I look a chef’s knife and tell you the style? Could I tell you what HRC of a knife is…nope. I’ve had a few months of photographing and documenting a variety of exotic knives. You can’t help but get involved with the history, craftsmanship and origins of some of these, well let’s just say, works of art. Do we really know what ‘hand forged’ is anymore?

 Masakage Knives have been dedicated to supplying the finest handmade knives Japan has to offer with Hiroshi Kato , Master Blacksmith with over 50 years or Master Blacksmith Anryu san’s Knife making . His family started as knives makers in the early 1870’s

How much do we really know about the history of German practices, like  WÜSTHOF? Since 1814 has set the standard for designing and manufacturing precision-forged knives. Wüsthof knives are manufactured by a skilled team of 300 dedicated workers in two state-of-the-art facilities in Solingen, Germany

After we start to know more about the histories and art forms that still exists today, we start to hear about the materials, I had know idea the amount of science goes into the knife you are about to dice onions with. You have metal types, levels of carbon, hardness and folds. The technology and tradition matched up with the anatomy of the steel can really spin your head, I come from the consumer fabric of “I don’t want to know how my car works, I just like driving it”.

The information is there for the enthusiasts and the collectors, when you decide what knife you use its a very personal decision. I will be bringing you into the world of knives, I will give you the platform to make a decision, and to have an opinion. In the end we are all cautious of the price, in a perfect world we would have them all, but the average person should have a price range and know before hand what style of knives are suited to their needs, from there the answer is simple…It just has to feel right.


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