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Global G-2 Cooks Knife 20cm

Global G-2 Cooks Knife 20cm


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 Global 20cm Cooks Knife

Loved by professional chefs, Global knives are an excellent choice for the serious home cook. The razor sharp blades are forged in Japan from a special stainless steel, which holds its edge longer than any other steel. Global knives are sharpened further up the edge of the blade than German-style knives, creating a straight edge - in fact two or three times more surface area is sharpened on a Global knife. Lightweight in your hand, this santoku knife offers superior control and precision. Inspired by the crafting of ancient samurai swords, each knife is carefully weighted for perfect balance and comfort. The smooth contours and seamless construction prevent food and dirt particles from collecting on the knife.



  • Size: 20 cm
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • External Dimensions: 12.75 in. L × 1.75 in. W × 0.75 in. H
  • Materials: Cromova 18 Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty for Stainless Steel Products

Special Features

  • Ice tempered and hardenedd to Rockwell C56-58 degrees.
  • Carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand.
  • Hygienically safe-smooth contours and seamless construction eliminates food and dirt traps.

Cleaning and Care

  • Hand washing recommended.

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