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Westmark Fruit and Veggie Slicer

Westmark Fruit and Veggie Slicer


  • 99.00

With this tool you will get your vegetables and fruits into the „best shape“ in no time. Cut vegetable- and fruit spirals, spaghettis and rings. Ideal for carrots, apples, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbages, salad etc., with 3 interchangeable slicing units and non-slip feet. Special tip: especially children do not want to eat traditionally prepared vegetables or fruit. It is too boring. This slicer offers a change for the preparation and decoration of food. It will help to impress your guests and your children.

• fruit and vegetables cut in a different way
• 3 very sharp blade units ensure variety
• very practical: the cutting units which are not in use can be stored away drawer-wise in the appliance
• 4 rubber suction-feet for secure hold

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