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Pegrolls - Cheese and potato 390gram

Pegrolls - Cheese and potato 390gram

Pegrolls, INC.

  • 9.99

Zenia's story

When Zenia'a children were in school full time she needed to re-invent herself. One thing she knew for sure was that she didn't want to return to the corporate world she was once a part of. So, she decided to combine her love of cooking and her love of creating into her own business. Being a Canadian born Ukrainian, she drew on her familiarity of Ukrainian food and combined that with her love of foods from other cultures. One day while making perogies she thought how could she make perogies different and aha!!.. Pegrolls!!!  A new twist on an old favorite.  Pegrolls are a crispy, golden spring roll wrapper filled with a delicious perogie filling.

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