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Shun Premier 7" Sumo Santoku


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Shun Premier 7" Sumo Santoku 

The Shun Premier 7-in. Santoku is a beautiful, Asian-inspired chef's knife. "Santoku" means "three"

The Shun Premier collection is distinguished by hand-hammered blades and walnut-colored PakkaWood handles that evoke the artistry of traditional hand-forged knives. This sumo santoku knife has the extra heft needed for bigger jobs like cutting through whole chickens or large blocks of cheese, and its broad blade is great for scooping up and transferring chopped ingredients.

  • Hefty double-wide blade delivers the focused power to tackle larger jobs than a standard santoku.
  • Blade features a core of VG-Max “super steel” clad on each side with 69 microthin layers of stainless-steel.
  • Striking hand-hammered finish (tsuchime in Japanese) reduces drag when cutting and helps to quickly release food from the blade.
  • Walnut-finish PakkaWood handle has a two-position design, providing a trigger grip for pull cuts and the perfect balance point for a pinch grip.
  • Stainless-steel end cap embossed with the Shun logo adds stability, strength and wide weight distribution from end to end.
  • Handcrafted in Japan.




Steel: Ultra Premium SG2 "micro carbide"
Hardness (HRC): 63-64
Blade Style: Sumo Satoku
Blade Length: 7"/ 180mm
Handle: Contoured walnut PakkaWood®
Usage: Multi Purpose


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