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Gruyère AOP 1655 - Switzerland - 150g

Gruyère AOP 1655 - Switzerland - 150g


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Gruyère is arguably Switzerland's most popular cheese, proudly named after the picturesque village of Gruyère, located near Friborg. Its oldest appearances in history date back to 1072. The tastiest are made in the mountains in summer, when cows graze on alpine pastures.


FLAVOR: Matured for 12 months, Gruyère 1655 has remarkable complexity, at the same time rich, powerful, earthy and also reminiscent of hazelnut.

HOW TO TASTE IT: This ingredient is a MUST in making fondue. It can also be grated on pasta, salads, vegetables, or added to sauces. Pair it with nuts, fruit bread and a Burgundy red wine.

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