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Knife Sharpening


A good quality kitchen knife will cost you a little more money, but it'll reward you with the easiest chopping experience of your cooking life. A good quality knife will feel balanced in the hand and have sharper edge retention.  Not only does it make dicing onions a whole lot more fun, a sharp knife that feels good in the hand  can actually encourage you to enjoy preparing meals and therefore promote a healthy lifestyle... They say a dull knife is not safe, well nothing is safe,  let's say you just have more control with a sharp knife and use less effort to cut/slice, eliminating accidents. One thing I've learned is a sharp knife will cut clean, making healing time reduced and scarring unnoticeable.  

Here at Grace In The Kitchen we offer a knife care service that is one-of-a-kind to the area, All of the knives sharpened here are done by hand using traditional Japanese whetstones. This hand sharpening service ensures that the edge of your blade is maintained and cared for without any unnecessary grinding or excess removal of steel. 

Our whetstone hand sharpening service is done onsite with a turnaround time depending on the day, call ahead to get an idea. We do however guarantee a "Next Day Service"

For more information on our Knife Sharpening service please call (613) 521-4818