Blue des Basques - Blue Cheese - (150g - 175g)

Blue des Basques - Blue Cheese - (150g - 175g)

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This artisanal blue cheese made from whole sheep's milk is made in the mountains. Its verdant slopes see the growth of wild flowers and a fatty herb which give ewe's milk all its complexity, finesse and texture. Its ripening lasts a minimum of three months which gives it a largely marbled and very smooth paste. It has a natural gray and dry rind and its paste is cream in color, marbled with blue gray penicillium.

FLAVORS: This blue with a distinctive taste presents a nice balance between the slightly bitter flavors of penicillium Roquefort and the lanolin notes of sheep's milk.

HOW TO TASTE IT: Serve it for dessert with homemade fig scones. The biggest challenge is not to devour everything!

France: Sheep