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CAHILL'S Cheddar Irish Cheddar with Porter - 150g

CAHILL'S Cheddar Irish Cheddar with Porter - 150g


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Marion Cahill made Irish Plain Porter Cheese from pasteurised cow's milk and Guinness-brewer Porter since 1759. It is blended to create a visually dramatic mosaic pattern which is the most attractive part of the cheese other than its flavour. Irish Porter is a vegetarian cheese as the curds and whey are separated with vegetable rennet.
The flavours of this brown waxed gourmet cheese are full, rich, tangy and chocolaty with a pungent finish. It goes perfect as the Hors d'oeuvres when sliced and served with salad. This cheese can also be served grilled. Pair Irish Porter with a chilled pint of Guinness stout or Irish porter.

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