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Devienne - Asafoetida - India - 100g

Devienne - Asafoetida - India - 100g


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Add pure Asafoetida to your dishes for a an Authentic Indian Flavor & Aroma. Asafoetida [Ferula Foetida] also known as Hing, Heeng or 'Devil's Dung' is a rare & exotic spice that grows only in Northernmost India, Afghanistan & Iran. It is extensively used in Indian & Middle Eastern Cuisines. A pungent spice, Asafoetida, packs a powerful flavor and fragrance reminiscent of concentrated onions & garlic. [For reference, a small pinch of pure Asafoetida is equivalent to100 onions/garlic cloves.]. As a result Asafoetida can be an alternative for those sensitive to consuming garlic and onions. In India Asafoetida is considered to aid digestion of food and helps prevent constipation, and gastric troubles.