Glengarry - Celtic Blue Reserve - (150g - 175g)

Glengarry - Celtic Blue Reserve - (150g - 175g)

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Pasteurized Cows Milk, Ontario

Not your average blue! Celtic Blue Reserve won highest accolades at The American Cheese Society Awards, winning Best of Show over 1700 other cheeses in 2015.

Tasting Notes:  A soft, creamy, approachable cow’s milk blue cheese with a grooved hand brushed natural rind. Inside a pretty pale ivory paste shows delicate greenish/blue veining running vertically closer to the center of the cheese. Notice grassy, milky, and buttery aromas with a slight saltiness & milder piquant taste. A good choice for those not all that crazy about blue cheese! Celtic Blue Reserve has extra cream & butterfat giving it a extra sinful richness.