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Jude's Miracle Cloth

Jude's Miracle Cloth 2 pack

judes miracle cloth

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 1 Jude's Miracle Cloth equals 22 Rolls of paper Towel...


Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals and paper towels goodbye! 
Your Jude’s Miracle Cloth will clean better than all of them! 

The secret is in the weave. Tiny fibres 100 times finer than human hair trap and absorb dirt and oil and will not scratch any surface!

Microfiber as a raw material was first invented by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto of Japan in the late 1970's and the first commercial production of microfiber commenced in 1989.
Since that time microfiber has been enhanced a thousand fold and endless new applications are still being discovered. One of the most exciting uses to emerge for this new textile is within the cleaning industry. When high-quality microfiber is combined with the right knitting process, it creates an extremely effective cleaning material.

X2 Miracle cloths (16"x16")

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