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Kikuichi - Elite Carbon Sakabone 150mm

Kikuichi - Elite Carbon Sakabone 150mm


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Kikuichi - Elite Carbon Sakabone 5.9 in. (152mm) Sakabone

The Kikuichi Elite Carbon 5.9 in. (152mm) Sakabone can be used to fillet fish, but it is also appropriate for poultry and other meats. This knife is one sided, but becomes dull toward the heel of the blade, to make it easy and safe to break through bones. A  great knife when working around and through bones like fileting a whole salmon, breaking down poultry, or portioning a slab of spare ribs into a St Louis style cut.

Maru/ Sakabone knives are used by professional chefs throughout much of Japan.
The blade itself is made of one the finest grade high carbon stainless steel on the market that gives them greater rust resistance and cutting performance (HRC 57~58)



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