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Le Superbe - Emmental Raw - Switzerland - 150g

Le Superbe - Emmental Raw - Switzerland - 150g


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The heaviest loaves, the largest holes, the full aromatic taste with the distinctive nutty note - only this is an original Emmentaler AOP.

Emmentaler AOP is molded by the character of its homeland with gentle hills, green meadows with spicy herbs, fresh country air and Emmental wooden farmhouses. A true Emmentaler AOP can only be created in this unique atmosphere. Cows graze in the open air and only eat fresh grass and hay. The best raw milk is processed according to highest quality standards traditionally crafted by experienced master cheesemakers. At least 120 days of careful maturation make an Emmentaler AOP into a very special taste experience.

The tender bite and the alluring ivory to pale yellow dough cherry-sized holes complete the perfect delight, that only a true Emmentaler AOP can offer.

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