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Mosa - Cream Whipper – Aluminum – Grande

Mosa - Cream Whipper – Aluminum – Grande


  • 130.00

Prepare light whipped cream, delicious desserts, hot or cold foams (espumas), and creative sauces at the touch of a button. Simply fill the dispenser with heavy cream and the sweetener of your choice, twist in a cream charger and shake, and squeeze the handle to dispense. For a special treat, add your favourite syrup or liqueur to create a delicious flavoured cream. The whipper can also whip other liquid ingredients -- such as juices, coffee, chocolate syrup, vanilla cream, or yogurt -- either cold or heated, to create delicious desserts. Enjoy with coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream, or as a light dessert. Store unused cream in the dispenser in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for up to the life of the cream. Includes dispensing nozzles for creating a variety of decorative effects. For use with international system N2O whipped cream chargers items 574357 and 574359 (sold separately).