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NoStik Heavy Duty Oven Liner Protector

NoStik Heavy Duty Oven Liner Protector


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Cleaning your oven and microwave has never been easier with the NoStik R3411 Heavy Duty Oven Liner Protector! The nonstick Polytetrafluoroethylene coating makes cleaning your oven superfluous. The Silver Oven Liner collects all splashes and baking residue, ensuring that your baking tray and oven base stay clean. Say goodbye to splashes and baked-on food and be amazed at how clean your oven tray and bottom stay. Features Polytetrafluoroethylene nonstick coating Reusable on both sides Silver; Heat-resistant up to 500°F Cut to size Suitable for all oven types (microwave, hot air, grill, gas, and electric) Easy to clean in warm, soapy water Dishwasher safe