Queso de Cabra Al Vino - Spain - (150g - 175g)

Queso de Cabra Al Vino - Spain - (150g - 175g)

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Traditional Spanish goat cheese is submerged in red wine to inherit its fruity flavor characteristics, making it a flavor, creaminess and softness make this cheese a unique product, this specialty cheese must start with the fatty, protein-rich milk from the goats. The free-ranging animals feed on the wild herbs and grasses growing in the arid Mediterranean Toledo región, giving the milk a distinct flavor particularly well suited to cheese making.

The  name ¨Goat Cheese in Red Wine¨ reflects its soak in the region’s doble pasta red wine. It’s an exceptionally creamy, bright white, semifirm goat cheese with a fruity flavor and a purple rind.

Cheese made exclusively with pasteurized goat´s milk, inmersed in wine Maturation 45 days.