Reserve Arnaud -  Morbier Cheese - AOP - (150g - 175g)

Reserve Arnaud - Morbier Cheese - AOP - (150g - 175g)

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This washed-rind cheese is made by the cheesemakers of Comté in the Jura mountains. It is characterized by a horizontal dark line in the center of the cheese. Traditionally, the producers sprinkled soot from word fires over the morning curd, then covered it with curd from the evening milking. Today, wood ash is used to recreate the look. It is one of the top 5 best-sellers at Les Dépendances. FLAVOUR: It has a soft and delicate paste, a rather pronounced flavour, and a mild, milky aroma. The more it ages, the sweeter and stronger the taste. HOW TO SAVOUR: Serve with a local Arbois wine or light and fruity wines like Beaujolais or Jura.

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