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Shun Premier 3" Vegetable Knife


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 Shun Premier 3" Vegetable Knife 

The vegetable knife is one of the key variations of the paring knife. The Shun Premier Vegetable Knife is about the same size as a traditional paring knife, but it has a down-turned tip (sometimes known as "sheepsfoot") and a straight edge. The edge is especially convenient when cutting carrots or zucchini into disks directly into the cooking pot, as well as for smaller tasks such as trimming vegetables. Since the flat edge makes complete contact with the cutting surface, it also makes it easy to chop herbs and smaller vegetables on a chopping board.



Steel: Ultra Premium SG2 "micro carbide"
Hardness (HRC): 63-64
Blade Style: Vegetable/Pairing
Blade Length: 75mm  ( 3" )
Handle: Rose wood w/Black Pakka Wood
Usage: Pairing/Peeling/Small jobs

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