Silicone Skimming Ladle - Black

Silicone Skimming Ladle - Black

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The practical BALLARINI Nero skimming ladle is `essenziale´ for any well equipped kitchen. The kitchen gadget is made with high-quality silicone and is a truly versatile utensil. Effortlessly lift boiled vegetables or gnocchi from the water. Deep-fried foods such as `fritto misto´ are also safely removed from hot fat. Skim egg white, fat and other matter from soups, stocks and sauces with the skimming ladle. Non-stick pots and pans are also grateful for its flexible material that's gentle on the coating of cookware. The food-grade silicone is also heatproof up to 230°C. When handling hot salsa or `zuppa´, the ergonomically designed handle sits securely and comfortably in the hand. Thanks to the practical hanging hole, you can hang the skimming ladle on your kitchen rail. The mini kitchen marvel is naturally also dishwasher-safe. No ungainly edges or corners guaranteed. The curvy design with rounded handle end and the elegant black color is by Milan-based studio Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez.

  • For lifting food from hot water or fat
  • For skimming egg white, fat and suspended matter from soups or sauces
  • Heat Resistant up to 230C / 445F
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not suitable for microwave
  • Designed by Matteo Thun
  • Handle sits ergonomically and does not slip in the hand
  • Soft silicone handle offers a very comfortable grip while cooking
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