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Staub - Utensil Jar – Dark Blue

Staub - Utensil Jar – Dark Blue


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The kitchen utensil holder from Staub helps you to keep your kitchen tops in order and to always have the utensils you need on hand. The dark blue holder measures 11 cm in diameter and has a timeless design. A silicone mat on the inner side of the 0.9 l holder ensures gentle and noiseless storage. With this kitchen utensil holder from Staub's Ceramics range, you can bring order to your kitchen utensils. Ensures optimum storage Available in various colors Easy to use Easy to clean thanks to enameled surface Microwave, freezer, broiler, and oven safe up to 572F Dishwasher safe Designed by Staub in France, manufactured in China

Item # 40511-578

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