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Zwilling Twin Fin II

The TWIN FIN II series combines German design and engineering, Japanese craftsmanship and no stain steel technology for an exquisitely sharp collection of knives. This series features a modern all-metal design that appeals to discerning knife enthusiasts. Each TWIN FIN II knife is created by master craftsmen in Seki, Japan. Features and Benefits:
  • N60 steel is highly corrosion resistant, with a very fine carbide structure and is Friodur® ice-hardened for a long-lasting, ultra-sharp edge (HRC60)
  • The ergonomic 18/10 stainless steel handle and angled bolster comfortably guides the user’s hand into the classic “pinch grip” position for maximum comfort and control.
  • Advanced construction techniques result in comfortable and well-balanced knives that are comfortable for long-term use.