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Our Story

From amazing kitchenware products, to giftware, to tough-to-find foods and delicious cheeses, Grace in the Kitchen has become a haven for food lovers in the Kanata area. We have been in business for 19 years now! 

Grace in the Kitchen actually started out as "Grace Designs for Dining", which was a small china shop on Bank Street. As more food and kitchenware products were added to our stock, "Grace Designs for Dining" became "Grace in the Kitchen"! 

Our in-store cheese shop, Serious Cheese, started out as just a couple of cheeses at the back of the store in two coolers, and grew to become a completely separate location, just down from GITK on Bank Street. The top-selling cheese is our house-made Truffle Brie, which came about from some experimentation. One of our cheesemongers took a wheel of brie, sliced it in two, and then filled it with this delicious spreadable truffle paste and soft cheese mixture. It ended up taking off, becoming a favourite for many of our customers!

After about 8 years on Bank Street, GITK was outgrowing the space! Grace in the Kitchen moved out to Kanata in 2011, with the new bigger space allowing the store to grow and bring Serious Cheese within the walls of GITK!  

About 4 years into being at the new location, Zwilling J.A. Henckels approached us about opening a shop. The store was already carrying their knives and a couple other products, so the partnership felt right. Fate just so had it that the store beside us had decided to move, leaving an empty space for us to expand into. GITK officially opened the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Shop-in-Shop in 2016, and it has been a great addition to the store.

For 10 amazing years, we have served Ottawa West from Hazeldean Road, but unfortunately have outgrown the space again! We have now moved just five minutes away in a bigger space at 255 Kanata Avenue in Centrum, allowing us to expand even more! At the new, state of the art location, we continue to serve up the most in demand, kitchenware, cookware, gadgets, small appliances, bakeware, and gourmet foods!


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