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       Cheese Orders are for PICK-UP ONLY  
               At 442 Hazeldean Rd Kanata                                          WE WILL NOT SHIP

We've tried to include a variety of textures and flavours. Most cheese belongs to one of four basic categories:

aged, soft, firm, or blue.

For a good variety, choose at least one from each group. Some examples:

 Aged: Aged Cheddar, Comte, Goat Gouda
 Soft: Serious Truffle Brie, Camembert, Brillat-Savarin
 Firm: Manchego, Mimolette, Parmigiano-Reggiano
 Blue: Gorgonzola Dolce, bleu d'Elizabeth, Stilton



Have questions? Give us a call at (613) 521-4818


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