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Bleu d'Affinois - Double Cream Brie with Blue Cheese - (150g - 175g)

Bleu d'Affinois - Double Cream Brie with Blue Cheese - (150g - 175g)


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This was one of the first cheeses to be made commercially using ultrafiltration, a method of extracting the solids from liquid milk. It is a soft white cheese made from cows milk. Fromager d'Affinois is similar to Brie in production, appearance, and flavor. Unlike in Brie production, however, before cheese making the cow's milk undergoes a process called ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration removes water from the pasteurized milk, concentrating all other components. One effect of this process is that it allows the acceleration of the cheese making process. Whereas classic Brie takes eight weeks to make, Fromager d'Affinois can be made in two weeks. Ultrafiltration also results in a milk that retains more nutrients and proteins, and the cheese has a relatively high-fat content of 60%. The cheese is made in 4.4 pounds (2.0 kilogram) wheels and has a soft oozing texture inside with an edible white rind on the outside.

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