Staub Cast Iron Vertical 9.5″ Chicken Roaster – Black

Staub Cast Iron Vertical 9.5″ Chicken Roaster – Black

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The round Staub roasting pan creates crispy chicken with a "fresh from the grill" flavor". Simply place the bird in the roasting pan and put it in the oven to cook it evenly on each side and produce a crispy skin. The Staub roasting pan features a heat-conducting cast iron spike, which ensures that the chicken is cooked all the way through. The remainder of the roasting pan is also made from cast iron coated with matte black enamel. The 24-centimetre-wide collection tray collects excess fat, resulting in a tender, low-fat meat. The large round tray also keeps the oven clean, meaning that you don't need to think about anything other than the meal at hand. The Staub roasting pan can be used in any oven to cook chicken and any other type of poultry. The weight of this pan makes it extremely stable, even when cooking large birds. It can also be placed easily in the oven and taken out again using the handles on either side. The Staub roasting pan offers a healthy, low-fat option for cooking duck, small turkeys - or even partridge.

Features & Benefits:
  • For preparing whole chickens - golden and crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside
  • A seasoned or marinated chicken, guinea fowl or a small duck is simply placed down vertically
  • Side dishes can be put into the bowl
  • The enameled cast iron's smooth surface can be cleaned easily
  • Two spouts on opposite sides facilitate pouring off excess fat or fluid
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