Global G-11 Sashimi Knife 25cm

Global G-11 Sashimi Knife 25cm

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Global 25cm Sashimi Knife 

In Japan the Santoku knife is widely used as a domestic cook's knife where the name translates to 'three cuts' meaning that it suitable for preparing meat, fish and vegetables. This most oriental of knives is also brilliant for use with western cuisine. The depth of the blade gives the knife the power to cut root vegetables with ease while the rounded point is ideal for fine dicing. A traditional medium Santoku like this one is a great choice for people who dislike large conventional cook's knives but still need a powerful blade to cut tougher ingredients. The rectangular shape makes it easy to scoop up your chopped ingredients and transfer them to the pan. The flat cutting edge and deep blade make this knife very easy to handle and guide so you'll chop like a pro. The round Global G series handle provides a good grip even with cold, wet slippery hands. It's seamless for easy cleaning and excellent hygiene. The gentle taper towards the blade ensures comfortable handling.

The Global G series consists of their large cook's knives and specialist blades. There really is a knife for every purpose. Each G series knife has a symmetrical rounded handle suitable for left or right handed users. The handles are hollow and filled with sand which allows the most precise control of the poise and balance of the knife.