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Gobel – Brioche - Tin - 20x7 cm/ 7.9x2.8 inches

Gobel – Brioche - Tin - 20x7 cm/ 7.9x2.8 inches


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Because professionals deserve nothing less than the best, Gobel offers its unique and historical expertise in manufacturing tinned moulds. Tinplate is an eco-friendly material and it provides exceptional thermal conductivity. These moulds are well-known for their ability to give a wonderful textured crust to the dough: nicely caramelized on the outside, soft on the inside. Brioche moulds are ideal for baking the buttery, egg-rich pastry made from yeast dough. Use this flat-bottomed fluted round brioche mould for making sweet brioches or bread. Features traditional brioche shape with flat bottom and fluted, sloping sides. Durable tinned steel construction. Oven and freezer safe. Eco-friendly tin Easy to clean Creates beautiful brown eges Oven & freezer-safe Made in France