La Quesera - Oveja Trufa - Olive - Spain - (150g - 175g)

La Quesera - Oveja Trufa - Olive - Spain - (150g - 175g)

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The La Quesera brand (La Fromagère in Spanish) is the result of an exclusive selection at Dépendances, from 2 producers Far from the famous typified and aged Manchego, Spain is also recognized for more original cheeses. Here is a new cheese that is added to our exclusive selection. The Oveja Negra La Quesera is made with a tapenade type preparation with black olives. It is made from pasteurized sheep's milk and has a minimum ripening period of 4 months.

FLAVORS: Subtle notes from sheep's milk accompanied by a flavor of black olives

HOW TO TASTE IT: Perfect on a platter, it's also a nice addition to your favorite recipes.It goes well with a Spanish Syrah