Les Depandance - Château de Bourgogne - Mini - 200g

Les Depandance - Château de Bourgogne - Mini - 200g

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 This cheese is becoming more and more well-known in Canada. It is not only a favourite of the Les Dépendances team, but also our third best-seller. People love this very flavourful cheese.

The Château de Bourgogne is produced by the Delin creamery in Bourgogne. This second-generation family owned business has always refused to introduce new technologies at the detriment of flavour.

Did you know that the flavour of a cheese develops mostly because of its lipolysis (the deterioration of fat)? The more fat there is, the more flavour it has. The curds must be manipulated with love by a passionate and knowledgeable cheese-maker in order to create a cheese that has an enjoyable flavour. In this case, we thank Mr. Delin for the best triple cream winner of the Concours Agricole de Paris 2012.

FLAVOUR: Its thick rind releases notes of freshly cut mushroom and its creamy paste is delicate and slightly lactic. The texture is similar to that of room-temperature butter.

HOW TO SAVOUR: It is a must on a cheese plate. Serve it with a buttery white and a warm, crunchy baguette.

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