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Maison Du Gibier - Duck Fat - 320gr

Maison Du Gibier - Duck Fat - 320gr

Maison Du Gibier

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Duck fat, is a perfect substitute to use during your various cooking. It is also essential to the realization of duck confit recipes. The duck fat filtered from La Maison du Gibier will allow you to add a succulent duck flavor to various dishes. For example, use this duck fat to roast your potatoes, carrots and various vegetables. In fact, use duck fat like butter or olive oil. Of course, we can not talk about filtered duck fat without talking about duck confits. A confit consists of cooking a food in its own fat. So incorporate a good amount of this fabulous fat into a baking pan and place a duck leg inside. Bake at low temperature and enjoy a tender flesh that will make delicious frayed. Note that La Maison du Gibier’s duck fat is high in monounsaturated fatty acids and is a good alternative to butter and trans fats.