Staub - Round Grill – Graphite Grey - 10"
Staub - Round Grill – Graphite Grey - 10"

Staub - Round Grill – Graphite Grey - 10"

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Its two handles make this round Staub grill pan extremely practical to use. It is made of heat-conducting cast iron and can therefore be moved from stove-top to table top once the food is cooked, allowing every guest to help themselves to a tasty cut of meat from the frying pan. This is a simple matter, thanks to the flat rim. The Staub grill pan is made of cast iron and is enameled on the inside to further enhance the roasting effects of cast iron. The natural flavor of meat also unfolds especially well on enamel, an effect that becomes more pronounced the more often you use your grill pan. Enamel is also very scratch-resistant and durable. The outside of your meal will become crisp in this Staub grill pan, while the inside remains tender and juicy. Excess fat runs off between the grooves on the base allowing you to prepare low-fat and low-calorie food in this frying pan. Even top chef Paul Bocuse is persuaded by Staub products. Treat yourself more often to a steak or another cut of meat that tastes like it has come straight from the barbecue in this Staub frying pan.

Ribbed surface for caramelized grill marks
Suitable for use on all cook-tops, including induction
Can be used on the barbecue
Oven safe
For best results clean by hand
Made in France

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