Takumi Bread Knife - 8"
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Takumi Bread Knife - 8"

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Thanks to the 23 cm serrated blade, you can slice elegantly through any type of bread and even through melons or pumpkins. The blade which lets you do this is ultra-through and has great edge retention without compromising on flexibility. This premium bread knife from the TAKUMI series lets you cut even, smooth slices both in home kitchens and in the catering trade.
The newly developed premium steel of the blade is very helpful here, achieving a remarkable hardness of 63 HRC. 101 layers of premium steel that impress: you can also imagine, just from looking at the outside that there is a lot going on here. This Japanese bread knife has an individual and graceful damask pattern which is unique to each blade and flows smoothly from the blade to the handle.
Talking of which: the Japanese bread knife's 23 cm blade is complemented by the ergonomically rounded three-rivet handle made of fine Micarta. Both components – the blade and the handle – together ensure the excellent balance and effortless slicing style with which you will be able to slice bread in the future.

23 cm blade length
100 layers of premium steel and an FC 63 core
63 HRC – a new dimension in blade hardness
Fine Micarta handle
Made in Seki, Japan

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